With Taxi-Now you you can pre-book your journey up to 28 days in advance

contactless payment

With Taxi-Now you can pay through our app. All London taxis offer a contactless payment solution

access for all

All London taxis are wheelchair accessible. Every taxi also offers the passenger a hearing loop and swivel seats for enhanced access

Getting you from A to B


Taxi-Now will only ever charge the customer the metered fare. There is no surge pricing at Taxi-Now

passenger safety

Here at Taxi-Now we have a pin protection system which guarantees that the passenger will always get into the right taxi


Taxi-Now has a strong coverage in London to make sure that you can always get to your destination.

time saving

All Taxi-Now drivers have passed the knowledge of London and have the ability to get you to your destination in a timely fashion.

contact information

Leave us a message or contact us through our social media